Marvie KirklandController | Ext. 118

“Do what you love and love what you do” – I am a determined lady with a lot of drive; I love challenge and fast paced work. I have been passionate in everything I have taken on in my life. For the last quarter century I have been the Controller for MK Property Services, LLC, while not my first rodeo, it will forever be the capstone of a long and varied career. I am privileged to work with fun and dedicated professionals who know their craft and are amongst the best in our industry. I love family, food, friends and lots of fun, abundant fresh air and exercise. Travel is a high priority; I have never tired of the view beyond each mountain and what is being prepared in every kitchen at home and abroad. With just under 200 countries in this world I am thrilled to have experienced the magic of visiting 112 of them. I am eager to see what the next 20 years at MK Property Services holds for me.