Mike KirklandOwner/Designated Broker | Ext. 112
  • mike@mkps.net

Looking back over my career of nearly 30 years in real estate, I am humbled for the opportunity and bounty of my career. From the time I started as blank slate with the most colorful mentor in the business, Basil Vyzis, to this moment, not a day has passed that was not filled with challenge, intrigue and unlimited possibility. I started MK Property Services, LLC in a spare bedroom, dawned a suit every day with coffee in hand, faced a quiet phone and brick by brick, built MK. Some days, I now lean back in my chair, close my eyes and just listen to the orchestra of endless incoming calls and cacophony of my colleagues solving every problem and igniting the day’s opportunity. I am a fortunate and fulfilled man. I have had a lifelong passion for bicycling, travel and living life at full throttle. Most of all, I have enjoyed the lifelong anchor of my work, serving others and building a house that now provides shelter for many. The most satisfying part of my MK experience is the lifelong friendships that have emerged from my work; my MK colleagues who’ve toiled alongside me to the many clients and professionals who’ve shared the ride. While looking forward to the bounty of tomorrow, I enjoy every day at MK and I am grateful to have lived in a time and place where hard work, craft and ingenuity are so well rewarded.